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Serving the leisure business right round the clock
If you are in the leisure industry, you know how important it is to keep up appearances for your customers at all times.
Each business has different needs. Hotels need to be spotless and ready to welcome guests at any hour whereas leisure and sports centres have more flexible needs which can be tricky to accommodate with your average cleaning company.
And then there are other businesses where the attention to detail is of utmost importance. If your cleaning isn't up to scratch, it can really spoil the surroundings for your visitors.

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At Allied commercial cleaning we understand that different leisure centres and clubs have different requirements. Gyms, health clubs, golf clubs, tennis clubs and indoor/outdoor bowling centres for example all require a flexible approach which will not interfere with their use by members, patrons and staff.

For any business first impressions count, and whether your business is a bowling alley, gym or an indoor rock-climbing centre, we can off you a wide range of services. Our comprehensive cleaning program can include general day-to-day cleaning and sanitising of gym equipment, vacuuming of carpet and upholstery, and specialty cleans on a periodical basis including hard floors, shower facilities, locker rooms, internal and external windows, polishing and buffing.

We also work collaboratively with facilities in achieving their risk management objectives by ensuring that appropriate products and tools are utilised for individual surface types.

We know that the leisure industry is demanding because of it being constantly subject to increasing costs in operation. In acknowledgement of those costs, we aim to continuously improve our cost-effective service through efficiencies and innovation, without compromising our standard of cleaning.

Our services cover the following and much more:

Changing rooms and receptions
Injury treatment centres
Fitness centres
Stadiums after football games and events
Art galleries – delicate cleaning

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